Otto Beckmann

Otto Beckmann, who was a sculptor by education, is counted as one of the pioneers of computer art. “Otto Beckmann’s interaction with his computer was highly personal. He used it in isolation in his studio; the computer was a special tool—an extension of him. He called it an “intelligible tool with dialog properties,” which artificially […]

Patrick Lichty

biography and artist’s portrait courtesy of the artist’s website: “Patrick Lichty is a media artist, writer, curator and designer of over 30 years. Born in Akron Ohio in 1962, he was raised on art, technology, and science fiction. After getting his BS in Electronic Engineering and working in the discipline, he began an art and […]

Peter Beyls

Beyls develops generative systems in music, the visual arts and hybrid formats. He has published extensively on various aspects of digital media, including on the application of artificial intelligence to artistic pursuits. His work has been widely exhibited and performed at conferences like Siggraph, ICMC, and ISEA.  Beyls conceives of computer media as an active […]

Richard Rosenblum

Richard Rosenblum was a sculptor and a collector of Asian art, known for his collection of Chinese scholars’ rocks, which has been called the finest in the world. The Rosenblum collection was seen in a popular exhibition organized in 1997 by the Asia Society in New York and the Harvard University Art Museums in Cambridge, Mass. […]

Roger Vilder

Roger Vilder’s works express his observations of the world by making use of simple geometric forms to examine derivative processes of change in computer-generated films, as well as with kinetic objects. Born in Lebanon in 1938, he has lived in Paris, Le Havre, and Casablanca, emigrating to Canada in 1957. In the 1960’s, Vilder began […]

Rolf Wölk

“Rolf Wölk was the head of the cultural department of MBB before Fischer, Winfried (who set up the MBB Computer Graphics group in 1971). He had already gained over two years of experience in this area being inspired by the increasing performance of plotter systems, and having experimented freely with programmable graphical structures. He studied […]

Roman Verostko

Roman Verostko, born 1929, is a leading figure in the computer art scene, and maintains an experimental studio in Minneapolis where he has developed original algorithmic procedures for creating his art. A year after graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 1949, he entered monastic life at St. Vincent Archabbey where he studied philosophy […]

Ruth Leavitt

“Ruth Leavitt’s introduction to computers was via her first husband, Jay Allen Leavitt. Her own background as an artist was in abstract expressionism. She was a master-class student under Hans Hofmann, with whom she initially studied and practised abstract expressionism. Prompted by her husband who taught at the Computer Science Department at the University of […]

Sasha Stiles

Biography and photograph of artist courtesy of the artist’s website: “Sasha Stiles is a first-generation Kalmyk-American poet, artist and AI researcher widely recognized as a pioneer of generative literature and language art. ​ Her award-winning work fuses text and technology to probe what it means to be human in an increasingly posthuman era. Stiles is […]

Shunsuke Takawo

Biography and profile picture courtesy of the artist’s website: “Shunsuke Takawo was born in Kumamoto in 1981, the second son of three brothers. His mother’s hobby was patchwork quilting. He went on to study comparative culture at the University of Tsukuba’s Faculty of Comparative Culture in the second academic group, where he studied photographic production […]

Simon Kirby

“I am Professor of Language Evolution at the University of Edinburgh and elected Fellow of the British Academy, Royal Society of Edinburgh, Cognitive Science Society, and a member of the Academy of Europe. I work in parallel on scientific and artistic investigations of cultural evolution and the origins of human uniqueness, particularly the evolution of […]