Roger Vilder

Basic Info

Name: Roger Vilder
Date of Birth: November 29, 1938
Country of Origin: LB


Roger Vilder’s works express his observations of the world by making use of simple geometric forms to examine derivative processes of change in computer-generated films, as well as with kinetic objects. Born in Lebanon in 1938, he has lived in Paris, Le Havre, and Casablanca, emigrating to Canada in 1957.

In the 1960’s, Vilder began to experiment with using computers to create geometric ensembles that were not feasible mechanically, and to create repetitive optical effects that, in turn, evoke the natural rhythms of the elements, including those of the sea, which the artist calls Pulsations: “With the advent of computers, I was able to transpose a continuous motion in a fragmented series of sequential images, allowing me to explore repetitious and random cycles.” His work places spaces and colors in relation, creating a harmony of composition in a spatiotemporal continuum that results in a quite organic sensualism.

Vilder has had a number of solo exhibitions and participated in group shows throughout Europe and North America, and his works are held in various museums, galleries and collections.

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