Michael Rees

Michael Rees is an American sculptor and artist whose works are known for their combination of performance, interactive computing, digital modeling, animation and video. “I’ve developed a sculptural practice that weaves experiences together in a contemplative mélange against the backdrop of the complexity of contemporary life. My work deals with the nature of things, philosophical […]

Monique Nahas

Monique Nahas is a doctor of theoretical physics and digital artist who works with computer-generated images and film. Born in Paris in 1940, she earned her doctorate in 1969. Her fellow academic, Hervé Huitric, is her partner and collaborator: the two met in 1971, when Nahas was becoming involved in computer science, and they began to […]

Nancy Burson

Acclaimed artist/photographer Nancy Burson’s work is shown in museums and galleries internationally. “Seeing and Believing”, her traveling 2002 retrospective originating at the Grey Art Gallery, was nominated for Best Solo Museum Show of the Year in New York City by the International Association of Art Critics. She has served as a visiting professor at Harvard […]

Nell Painter

Nell Painter is an American historian and artist, well-known for her works on Southern history of the nineteenth century. She grew up in Oakland, California, in the 1940s, and earned her B.A. in anthropology at U.C. Berkeley, an M.A. at UCLA, and an M.A. and Ph.D. at Harvard. She spent her working life mostly at […]

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Nicolas Schöffer

“Nicolas Schöffer (Hungarian: Schöffer Miklós; 6 September 1912 — 8 January 1992) was a Hungarian-born French cybernetic artist. Schöffer was born in Kalocsa, Hungary and resided in Paris from 1936 until his death in Montmartre in 1992. He built his artworks on cybernetic theories of contol and feedback primarily based on the ideas of Norbert […]

Oskar Beckmann

Son of the computer artist Otto Beckmann, Oskar was an engineer and telecommunications scientist who constructed the hybrid computer that his father used for his artwork. Oskar “was familiar with electronic data processing and Markov generators from his studies (…) and he decided to build a special-purpose computer for his father. He started the development of […]

Otto Beckmann

Otto Beckmann, who was a sculptor by education, is counted as one of the pioneers of computer art. “Otto Beckmann’s interaction with his computer was highly personal. He used it in isolation in his studio; the computer was a special tool—an extension of him. He called it an “intelligible tool with dialog properties,” which artificially […]

Patrick Lichty

biography and artist’s portrait courtesy of the artist’s website: “Patrick Lichty is a media artist, writer, curator and designer of over 30 years. Born in Akron Ohio in 1962, he was raised on art, technology, and science fiction. After getting his BS in Electronic Engineering and working in the discipline, he began an art and […]

Peter Beyls

Beyls develops generative systems in music, the visual arts and hybrid formats. He has published extensively on various aspects of digital media, including on the application of artificial intelligence to artistic pursuits. His work has been widely exhibited and performed at conferences like Siggraph, ICMC, and ISEA.  Beyls conceives of computer media as an active […]

Richard Rosenblum

Richard Rosenblum was a sculptor and a collector of Asian art, known for his collection of Chinese scholars’ rocks, which has been called the finest in the world. The Rosenblum collection was seen in a popular exhibition organized in 1997 by the Asia Society in New York and the Harvard University Art Museums in Cambridge, Mass. […]