Patrick Lichty

Basic Info

Name: Patrick Lichty
Country of Origin: US


biography and artist’s portrait courtesy of the artist’s website:
“Patrick Lichty is a media artist, writer, curator and designer of over 30 years. Born in Akron Ohio in 1962, he was raised on art, technology, and science fiction. After getting his BS in Electronic Engineering and working in the discipline, he began an art and design studio in 1990, and created work for Accenture, Allstate Insurance and the X-Prize.

As an activist and artist, he was part of or worked with the collectives RTMark, Pocha Nostra, The Yes Men, Terminal Time, Second Front, Shared Universe, and Critical Art Ensemble, showing in the Venice and Whitney Bienniales. His writing on VR, AR, and media culture are widely published, and for 10 years he was Editor in Chief of Media Arts Journal Intelligent Agent, published by Christiane Paul, Adjunct Curator of the Whitney Museum of American Art. He lives in Winona, MN

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Semantic Carpet #3

signed and dated lower left within the weaving excerpt by the artist from PlayForm AI about this work: “I have lived in Arabia and West Asia for many years, and I had wondered how using machine learning related to my life as a digital artist. In that much of my family is Persian, I thought […]