Leslie Thornton

Leslie Thornton is a filmmaker and artist known for her avant-garde work and digital focus. Born in 1951 in Knoxville, Tennessee, she then moved to Schenectady, New York,  as a teenager, where she first developed an interest in film attending experimental film screenings at her local church. She also began painting at this time, influenced […]

Lloyd Sumner

Lloyd Sumner was an early American computer artist, one of the first to pursue computer art as his full-time career. Sumner was born in Virginia, as the youngest of 13 siblings, and was orphaned at the age of 16. In 1962, he entered the University of Virginia and got a part time job working at […]

Ludwig Rase

Born in 1925 in Nuremberg, Germany, Ludwig Rase was an architect, urbanist, and artist who experimented with developing computer-based construction plans. He is best known for his collaborations with the academic and artist George Nees. Rase studied architecture in Munich in the late 1940s before beginning his career in the same city. In 1969, he […]

Makoto Ohtake

Makoto Ohtake was a member of the Computer Technique Group (CTG), Japan, a collaborative group known for its large-scale calculator and plotter drawings and its advocacy for algorithmic and computer art. He joined the group in 1967.

Manfred Mohr

Manfred Mohr is one of the great names of computer art, considered a pioneer in the field and nicknamed “godfather” of digital art. His work is distinguished by its radically rational construction which explores series of shapes of ever-increasing complexity. Born in Pforzheim, Germany, Mohr began his career as an action painter and jazz musician. […]

Manuel Barbadillo

Manuel Barbadillo was a painter and one of the early proponents of computer art in Spain. Born in Seville in 1929, he enrolled in art school in the early 1950s before military service took him to Morocco by 1955, where he stayed through 1959. He then moved to New York for a few years before […]

Mark Wilson

Born in Oregon in 1943, Mark Wilson is an American artist, author and programmer who was part of the 1980s movement of artist-programmers at the forefront of the use of computer software to create art. Wilson received his undergraduate degree from Pomona College and his M.F.A. from Yale Art School. During the 1970s, he exhibited […]

Masao Kohmura

Masao Kohmura is a Japanese video artist and c0-founder of the Computer Technique Group (CTG), a group of student artists and engineers active in the 1960s which produced seminal works of computer art. Kohmura was born in 1943 in Tokyo, and studied at Tama Art University. While there, a chance meeting with Haruki Tsuchiya led […]

Maughan Sterling Mason

Maughan S. Mason was an early computer programmer and digital artist at the forefront of computer art. Born in Utah, he studied physics and mathematics at university, and after graduating, worked at White Sands Missile Range near Las Cruces, New Mexico. He later became the head of the Analog Simulation Lab at Thiokol Chemical Co. […]

Michael Mittelman

Michael Mittelman’s background lies in both architecture and technology. Born in New York, he studied at Wesleyan and MassArt, as well as in Paris through the Columbia University GSAPP intensive architecture program. At the beginning of his artistic career, Mittelman’s work involved creating virtual reality sculptures and realizing them in welded steel. By the early 2000s, he had […]