Makoto Ohtake

Basic Info

Name: Makoto Ohtake
Country of Origin: JP


Makoto Ohtake was a member of the Computer Technique Group (CTG), Japan, a collaborative group known for its large-scale calculator and plotter drawings and its advocacy for algorithmic and computer art. He joined the group in 1967.

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Cybernetic Serendipity (The Computer and the Arts) Portfolio

Set of 7 lithographs Running Cola – Masao Komura, Makato Ohtake, Koji fujino Return To Square – Masao Komura, Kunio Yamanaka Maughanogram – Maughan S. Mason Human Figure – Boeing Computer Graphics The Snail – Kerry Strand Random War – Charles Csuri and James Shaffer 3D Checkerboard Pattern – Donald K. Robbins.