Hervé Huitric

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Name: Hervé Huitric
Country of Origin: AF


Hervé Huitric studied at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris (grad. 1969) and computer science at the University of Vincennes, now University of Paris VIII (M.A., 1973, Ph.D. 1980). 1969 founding member of the Groupe Art et Informatique de Vincennes. Professor at the University of Vincennes. Collaboration with Monique Nahas. He lives in Nogent-sur-Marne, FR.

He studied painting at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, then obtained a master’s and a DEA in computer science. His research is devoted to the digital image generated by computer in all its states: generation algorithms, realism, animations, installations. In 1980 his State doctorate in Aesthetics presented works started in 1969: digital images as well as the corresponding computer programs. Considered a pioneer in the field, he participated in numerous exhibitions in the United States, including all those of the Siggraph Art Show from 1982 to 1990, as well as in France, notably at the Museum of Modern Art in the city of Paris 1 , and in many other countries. He received several awards for his images, the Ars Electronica award(Honorable mention in computer animation) in 1991 [ref. necessary] ., and two first research prizes in 1993 (Imagina, Monte-Carlo) and in 1994 (Eurographics, Oslo).

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Artiste Et Ordinateur

Portfolio of works by  Beck-Jung, Bodin, Breval, Hoglund-Wikstrom, Huitric-Nahas, Johannesson, Luke-Kempf, Mohr, Molnar, and Ridell. L’Artiste et L’Ordinateur was a group exhibition in 1979 in Paris at Centre Culturel Suedois (Swedish Cultural Centre). From there it went to Lille and Caen. Participating artists were Holger Backstrom and Bo Ljungberg, Lars-Gunner Bodin, Jose Breval, Sven Hoglund […]