Basic Information

Title: Facture
Artist(s): Monique Nahas
Date Created: 1973
Edition Info: Unique


Wooden cube covered with perforated cards, paint and lacquer. Hung from a wire.

Nahas describes the work like this:

“The use of perforated cards as a support, thicker
than the previous printer paper, which had a
particular granularity, has also led us to other
achievements of which the cubes are the most exemplary.
The principle was to wrap real wooden blocks in a wooden box with
means of perforated cards with colour variations
calculated to continuously scan all sides of a
cube. The appearance of the cube obtained is the result of interference
between a dotted grain accentuated by the support cards, and
a calculated distribution of continuous colour variations. In
with little or no variation in the brightness of the calculated “pixels” (the
3D was then very far from our concerns), the cube of
30cm side seemed to have an ambient lighting at the point
that under certain conditions it could lose all its volume
and appear as a flat figure, an illusion particularly
notable in the light of the exhibition in the chapel of the
Salpetrière in Paris (1973), where the rather distant cube did not acquire
its relief than when approaching it.”


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