Basic Information

Title: Untitled
Artist(s): Monique Nahas Hervé Huitric
Date Created: 1970
Framed Dimensions: 20.5 x 26.5 in.
Unframed Dimensions: 17 x 22.75 in.
Inventory ID: Nahas/Huitric-1970-01


signed and numbered 26/100 lower right

hardware: IBM1130

likely printed at the University of Paris VIII


Detail images of the work

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computer-generated design using IBM 1130 created in collaboration at Groupe Art et Informatique de Vincennes Nahas describes the work: “The use of perforated cards as a support, thicker than the previous printer paper, which had a particular granularity, has also led us to other achievements of which the cubes are the most exemplary. The principle […]

Artiste et Ordinateur (Artist and Computer) Portfolio

A portfolio comprised of 10 signed and numbered computer generated images printed on 26 x 19.75″ Arches paper. All prints were made after original unique plotter drawings. The portfolio is housed in a custom box with the edition number written in graphite lower left on the front of the box. The portfolio contains a colophon […]

No. 39 (from the Handmade Pixel Series)

signed in graphite on the back of the paper numbered in ink on the back of the paper hardware: CAE 510 with 8k memory software: ALGOL The result of the calculation was printed with letters corresponding to colors to be painted. For example, the letter J is for yellow (jaune), R for red (rouge), etc. […]