Basic Information

Title: Hypertransformations
Artist(s): Vera Molnar
Date Created: 1975
Unframed Dimensions: 21.75 x 14 in.
Inventory ID: Molnar-1975-03


a single piece comprised of seven consecutively attached sheets each with unique images and number codes printed on the side of the sheet

  1. 75.058  15.06.04
  2. 75.058  15.07.36
  3. 75.058  15.07.40
  4. 75.058  15.07.43
  5. 75.058  15.07.46
  6. 75.058  15.07.48
  7. 75.058  15.07.51 (singed and dated on the back of this sheet)

The numbers are a date code: The first set of numbers stands for the year and day that the piece was made. The second set of numbers is the time stamp that each individual plotter drawing was completed. This code tells us that this piece was printed between 3:06.04 – 3:07.51pm on Thursday, February 27th, 1975.

computer used to program the image: IBM 360 using a CRT Screen 2250

machine used to draw the image: Benson Plotter

individual sheet size: 14 x 21.75″

overall piece size” 14 x 152.25″




Detail images of the work

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