P-026-A Inversion Logique (Logical Inversion)

signed and dated in graphite lower right “Tape 1, 102” written in graphite lower left hardware: CDC7600 software: Program 21 with FORTRAN output machine: Benson Plotter The elements are horizontal, vertical, 45 degree lines, square waves, zig-zags, and have probabilities for line widths and lengths. The algorithm places elements in a horizontal direction and has […]

Inclinaison (Inclination)

signed and dated lower right in graphite signed, titled, and dated on the reverse in graphite significant handwritten notes upper left and lower left corners in graphite Benson company markings printed on the left edge of the paper


a single piece comprised of seven consecutively attached sheets each with unique images and number codes printed on the side of the sheet 75.058  15.06.04 75.058  15.07.36 75.058  15.07.40 75.058  15.07.43 75.058  15.07.46 75.058  15.07.48 75.058  15.07.51 (singed and dated on the back of this sheet) The numbers are a date code: The first set […]