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Name: aurèce vettier
Country of Origin: FR


aurèce vettier is an art project founded in 2019 by Paul Mouginot (b. 1990) that embodies a collaborative, open, and hybrid approach through an algorithm-generated alias. This identity, like all of aurèce vettier’s work, bridges the ‘real’ space in which it is possible to exist, to draw, paint, sculpt, break, and erase and the ‘data’ space, where it is possible to play with more dimensions than a human can grasp -a gesture analogous to uploading and then downloading an image over and over again on an online platform.

Using intimate datasets, custom-trained AI algorithms and heavy mathematical processing, aurèce vettier explores new forms, which are then deployed as tangible objects, in close connection with many crafts : bronze work, oil painting, tapestry -to only name a few.

The approach is not to consider the machine-generated elements as a set of finished works but rather as raw material, expanding conceptual possibilities and complementing the initial knowledge of art history.

In 2023, aurèce vettier collaborated with Vera Molnár on the series “AD.VM.AV.IA, on the other side of the polyhedron (1514-2023)”, curated by Vincent Bab

Photo Credit: (c) Romain Darnaud, Courtesy of the artist

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AD.VM.AV.IA – 13

signed and numbered 3/4 lower right in graphite AD.VM.AV.IA, on the other side of the polyhedron (1514-2023) Collaboration between Vera Molnár and aurèce vettier Text and curation by Vincent Baby Based on a detail -the representation of a polyhedron- from Albrecht Dürer’s engraving Melencholia (1514), Vera Molnár and aurèce vettier have imagined an installation assisted […]