Martin Grasser

Basic Info

Name: Martin Grasser
Country of Origin: US


Martin Grasser is an artist and designer based in the Bay Area. He produces work using an iterative process, isolating core concepts and expanding upon them through repetition. At the root of his practice is his interpretation of letterforms—what most see as plain text, Martin sees as art. He explores the transformation of type in everyday media, from printed books and magazines to digital newspapers and code, and reveals them as a universe of vibrant abstraction.

In 2022, Martin released his first generative project ‘Squares’, marking his entry into the NFT space. Later that year, Martin worked with the ATP and Art Blocks Engine to release ‘LOVE’, the first digital art collection generated from in-match sports data. In 2023, Martin collaborated with computer art pioneer Vera Molnár to create the long form project ‘Themes and Variations’. Martin’s current projects includes ‘portraits’, an ongoing series of type-based mirrors first exhibited at Art Basel Miami 2023 and produced in collaboration with TRAME. Martin’s work moves between fine art, corporate design, and type design. His most notable projects include the late Twitter Bird logo, Nike’s ‘Choose Go’ film, and the prize-nominated typeface Color Dot Font.

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Themes and Variations

an artist book collaboration with Vera Molnar and Martin Grasser. signed, dated, and dedicated “to Michael and Anne” on the inside cover printed, published, and copyrighted by Sotheby’s justification text from the inside cover of the book: “Themes and Variations by Vera Molnar encompasses a collection of 500 unique generative artworks. Within these works Molnar […]