Michael Mittelman

Basic Info

Name: Michael Mittelman
Country of Origin: US
Website: http://www.expandedfield.com/


Michael Mittelman’s background lies in both architecture and technology. Born in New York, he studied at Wesleyan and MassArt, as well as in Paris through the Columbia University GSAPP intensive architecture program.

At the beginning of his artistic career, Mittelman’s work involved creating virtual reality sculptures and realizing them in welded steel. By the early 2000s, he had begun to create interactive installations exploring the psychology of domestic environments. In recent years, Mittelman has begun to use digital fabrication to create sculptures that express the possibilities of the technologies while retaining the analog properties of their materials. His process involves “rapid iteration through early stages of exploration by using software and then settling into a refinement process that includes full physical realization of the concept” (Expanded Field).

In 2003, Mittelman founded ASPECT magazine, a bi-annual DVD compilation of contemporary art, one of the first DVD chronicles of time-based media and new media art. The compilation’s format offers artists using animation, sound, installation and performance art a way for their work to be recorded and distributed to the greater art community.

Mittelman has taught at MIT, MassArt and Emerson. His sculptures, installations, and digital art have been shown nationally.

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signature etched into top layer of acrylic lower left pedestal measures: 41 x 17.75 x 13″ Information about this work from the artists website: “These sculptures were modeled in the computer and then cut out of individual sheets of acrylic sheet. The sheets were not glued together and the form is created from the void […]