Hommage à Paul Klee

a serigraph after an original unique plotter drawing of the same title artist’s name, computer identifier, and plotter identifier printed lower left hardware: Standard Elektrik Lorenz ER56 software: COMPART ER65 software output machine: Zuse Graphomat Z64 This screenprint was created from a plotter drawing produced using a computer program, or algorithm, written by the artist […]

Werkstatt Edition Kroll

serigraph after a computer-generated original unique plotter drawing signed and dated lower right in graphite numbered 50/350 lower left in graphite title, dated, and copyrighted in print lower left corner hardware: Siemens System 4004 output machine: ZUSE-Graphomat Z64 plotter

Plastik 1 (Sculpture 1)

Computergrafik MIT (image created with) Siemens-System 4004 printed lower right gezeichnet mit (draw with) ZUSE-Graphomat printed lower right This serigraph was created from the design for a sculpture that Nees produced using a machine that could mill, or cut, a 3D shape. The machine followed the computer calculated image as a guide. The artist used […]

Simulated Color Mosaic

serigraph after a computer generated image hardware: IBM 360/75 software: Fortran IV signed lower right numbered E.A. (épreuve d’artiste, or artist’s proof) lower left

Kubo-Oktaeder (Cuboctahedron)

a serigraph after an original unique computer-generated plotter drawing from 1972 made for the exhibition “Computer Art” at Kunsthalle, Hamburg 1972/73 signed by Ludwig Rase lower right in graphite original plotter drawing: conceived by: Georg Nees and Ludwig Rase programmed by: Georg Nees hardware: Siemens 4004 software: ALGOL output machine: ZUSE-Graphomat Z64 “The motif was […]