Untitled computer screen print

Basic Information

Title: Untitled computer screen print
Artist(s): Osvaldo Romberg
Date Created: 1969
Unframed Dimensions: 14.5669 x 21.6535 in.


Printed in Argentina. Screen Print.

A similar work by Romberg was exhibited in the New Tendencies 5 exhibition in Zagreb in 1973. The work is reproduced in Margit Rosen’s book “A Little Known Story” on page 501. A similar work is also in the collection of the V&A, London.


Both Romberg and Deira were involved in the Grupo de Arte y Cibernética Buenos Aires, which included the artists: Luis F. Benedit, Antonio Berni, Eduardo Mac Entyre, Osvaldo Romberg, Miguel Ángel Vidal, Ernesto Deira, Humberto Demarco, Gregorio Dujovny, Mario Mariño, Rogelio Polesello. The group explored the link between art and technology and how systemes could generate art works.


Detail images of the work

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