Trump/Putin Still Image

signed, titled, dated, and numbered 5/7 on the reverse in graphite accompanied by the original Time Magazine for further information about this work see the artist’s website


signed, titled, dated, copyrighted, and numbered 2/5 lower left in ink


signed, dated, numbered 1/200, copyrighted, and dedication “To the Spalters” below the image in ink printer: HP Z3200PS

Curve Dance

signed lower right in graphite numbered A/P lower left in graphite printer: 2400 DPI resolution inkjet printer at Visual Arts Imaging, Palm Springs, CA paper: Hahnemühle FineArt Matte from the artist’s website: Rhythm Series Mathematics, color and rhythm intersect to form this series.  Created after a move to the desert, I began to think more […]

72 Hours (from the Teotwawki Series)

signed, titled, dated, and numbered 1/8 on the reverse of the frame in graphite excerpt from the artist’s website regarding this work: “The title for this series is a well-known acronym within survivalist communities, standing for The End Of The World As We Know It, generally referring to an unknown but all-encompassing threat. 72 Hours is […]

Clean Water Act

signed and dated lower right in graphite signed digitally lower right within the image titled and numbered 6/75 lower left in graphite “Typically, my creative process runs through stages. First I sketch a general outline for the bigger composition, then I draw abstract geometric designs as starting points for executing my computer programs. Computers then […]