Clean Water Act

Basic Information

Title: Clean Water Act
Artist(s): Anna Ursyn
Date Created: 2007
Unframed Dimensions: 36.75 x 24 in.
Inventory ID: Ursyn-2007-01


signed and dated lower right in graphite
signed digitally lower right within the image
titled and numbered 6/75 lower left in graphite

“Typically, my creative process runs through stages. First I sketch a general outline for the bigger composition, then I draw abstract geometric designs as starting points for executing my computer programs. Computers then convert my ideas into lines, with code taking shape as iconic images of objects. I use the computer on different levels. Some of my computer programs produce two-dimensional images; others are three­dimensional, depending on what my composition dictates. Pro­grammed data is electronically integrated into the final artwork. I create programs in Fortran, then I add photographic content using scanners and digital cameras. To attain the composition, I use repetition of lines, shapes, and forms, select color combinations, transform light intensity, apply grid patterns and moire effects, and distort and manipulate images by scaling, rotating, slanting, and changing perspective. The programs serve as a point of departure for photolithographs; they are included in both my two-dimensional and three-dimensional works. Scanners, digital camera, and PCs provide further image manipulation. All of these approaches are combined for the creation of images that also include painterly markings on the artchival quality prints.”
– DigitalArtArchive

“A Polyptych – Water Planet Our planet holds mostly water. In the water, in the same way as in our life, changes are slow yet hard to keep up with. As we grow up, we hear stories about goodness and bravery, un-won battles and new lands unconquered for simple but unexplainable reasons. We envision joy on a princess’ face when she is presented with silk and pearls sent on a ship under big white sails. We embolden the prince in a shining armor, on a white horse, to fight a dragon and win a princess whose portrait is in a talisman he carries. These tales, even though different in various cultures, create our values that we later translate into current media to help us face cruel reality. We transform old cultural information to meet the needs of present audience. – Works of literature are remade as video movies. – Traditional stories are retold in an easy to digest and remember, pleasant forms, so learning becomes the valued, playful time. – To connect old texts with the present audience, metaphors and annotations are added, that allow the audience to familiarize with a text without effort. – When teaching history, the wrongdoings and errors of others are presented in a non-offensive way, with a sympathetic awareness of the audience feelings about a historical character that had also made some unwise mistakes.”
– Anna Ursyn from artist’s website


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