D. Wallace Colvard

Basic Info

Name: D. Wallace Colvard
Country of Origin: US


Information from artists site. 

“The one overarching thing that I learned at an experimental curriculum at North  Carolina State University was how to see. At the same time, I had a keen interest in mathematics and the computer as a tool, and did special self-guided studies in that field. I can’t believe I got away with it! I graduated with a major in Visual Design and a minor in Computer Science.

As a young man, I was drawn to New York City in the 1970s. It was a time of  clubs, parties and working hard. There was so much possibility. It was dirty and  dangerous and fun. There was wild creativity appearing in myriad spaces.

I first worked as a textile designer in the Garment Center. There I learned about color and how it evokes mood and how to see in minute detail.

After a brief stint as a club DJ in 1979/1980 (I had to get it out of my system), I  found myself drifting through the City, studying a rich visual literature on every corner.

I am a fine artist working in color, design, depth and emotion as expressed through digital media, including pure digital design, photography and digital collage.

With an educational background in both graphic design and computer science before there was a recognized field of computer graphics, I worked as a digital commercial artist for over 40 years in the fields of textile design, television art direction, film animation and live action visual effects at NBC, Disney, Dreamworks, Sony and other firms. Elsewhere on this site you can see some of my film work and my professional accolades (including seven Emmys).

Now I am free to pursue my own goals, my own vision, and there is something much deeper to explore. I am seeking visual truth. To me, there is beauty in everything; a sparkle across colored glass, an algorithm applied to a grid of colors that makes them explode into sharp focus and blurred edges, shadows across a wall, lichen on a rock, an aging street sign. I have used a number of mathematical, Boolean and expression techniques to create works that make the eye dance and the mind imagine, based on my travel images, colors, lighting and life experience. The goal is to create unique works that ignite dreams, evoke emotions, incite curiosity. Visualize your own journey through my work.

These are all unique pieces. They are available as high-resolution museum quality mono prints, and while some designs will be run in different color schemes, no one piece in a specific color scheme will ever be duplicated.

Curriculum Vitae

My first memory in the North Carolina mountains was running down a dilapidated outdoor wooden staircase and being confronted with an endless field of  sunflowers in bright light.  They were tall and I was small.

Ever since, I’ve always been fascinated with color, light, line, movement, rhythm  and light.  My current work combines my fascination with the interaction of shape  and color with a love of expansive space.  It’s all about the eye dancing and moving in the work.

My new series, Derivatives of Big Pink, is all about examining geometric  boundaries, while reveling in the world of color.

At the very early stages of Computer Graphics, I worked for many years as a Graphic Art Director at NBC Network in 30 Rock. My work in Sports, Olympics, News and Entertainment taught me about pushing artistic boundaries, while not always pleasing accountants. That passion earned me seven Emmys along the way.

Wanting to work in a more permanent medium, I moved to Los Angeles to enter the field of Computer Animation Art, helping to create the magic of Disney, DreamWorks and Sony Pictures. What is gesture, what is dimension, how does light affect us and above all, what happens in the heart?

Now I’m free to explore other disciplines without the shackles of commerce. My life in Palm Springs, California has brought me closer to air, light and the spare and beautiful truths of the desert, and my work is an exploration of those basic things.”

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Curve Dance

signed lower right in graphite numbered A/P lower left in graphite printer: 2400 DPI resolution inkjet printer at Visual Arts Imaging, Palm Springs, CA paper: Hahnemühle FineArt Matte from the artist’s website: Rhythm Series Mathematics, color and rhythm intersect to form this series.  Created after a move to the desert, I began to think more […]