Rond sur Cercles (Round on Circles)

Basic Information

Title: Rond sur Cercles (Round on Circles)
Artist(s): Vera Molnar
Date Created: 2019
Edition Info: 8/100, 9/100, 10/100
Inventory ID: Molnar-2019-01


each dish is signed, titled, dated, and numbered out of 100 on the back

housed in a custom made box that is signed, titled, and dated with the name of the publishers printed on the top

published by Galerie 8+4 / Barnard Chauveau

6 plates (9.45 in diameter each) and 1 dish (12.59 in diameter)

Here, the artist has arranged a series of 29 concentric circles in fine black line on six white porcelain plates. One of the circles, the fifteenth, starts to randomly shift in a way that gets more and more visible with the plates. On the first one, this slight drift is barely perceptible. But as we progress through the series, like a free electron, this isolated circle increasingly disrupts the quiet concentricity of the other circles, up to the point –at the sixth plate- of almost going over the edge of its ceramic support. This disruptive factor then becomes the center of attention as we go through the full set of plates.

Vera Molnar often uses geometry and mathematics in her work, and this series is no exception to the rule. Put next to each other, the plates create an accelerating motion transforming the surface on which it is placed, suddenly enlivened by an unpredictable dynamic.

This set of plates comes with a dish on which the six drifted circles are reproduced. It wonderfully synthesizes the project and sublimates the work itself.



Detail images of the work

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