Permutations de Lines en Form Cubique Portfolio (Permutations of Lines in Cubic Form)

Basic Information

Title: Permutations de Lines en Form Cubique Portfolio (Permutations of Lines in Cubic Form)
Artist(s): Torsten Ridell
Date Created: 1981
Edition Info: 3/50
Unframed Dimensions: 19.5 x 19.5 in.
Inventory ID: Ridell-1981-01


a portfolio containing nine serigraphs printed after original unique computer-generated plotter drawings, a title page, and a justification page in a custom made portfolio case.

the portfolio is numbered 3 (from an edition of 50) on the justification page lower right in graphite
each serigraph is signed and dated lower right and numbered 3/50 lower left in graphite
the paper is Arches

the French text from the justification page reads:
Permutations of lines”, the major idea here is to start from a surface filled with parallel lines, successively turn each of these lines 90 degrees and replace them in a new surface until they are all parallel again. This process is expressed in a way bi-dimensional: systematic and random, as shown by one of the sheets of the portfolio or the initial surface has twelve lines and gives, in this representation, 25 steps.

The other sheets show a systematic sit procedure, either random integrated in a cube, where: ‘permutations of lines in cubic form’. The cube is divided into sections and each section show a step of the process. This is the equal distances between lines and sections that allow integration into the cube.

The images presented in the portfolio are among the most characteristic and the most relevant of a computer program I have developed for the first time at the Experimental Electronic Studio Slade School of Fine Arts, in london in 1979.

This portfolio contains nine images. It is made in fifty copies numbered and signed. It was printed in silkscreen in Paris in 1981, with the collaboration of Kamill Major.

Made in Paris in December 1981
Torsten Ridell


Detail images of the work

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