Saint-Victoire: Rien, Peu, Plus (Nothing, Little, More) Triptych

Basic Information

Title: Saint-Victoire: Rien, Peu, Plus (Nothing, Little, More) Triptych
Artist(s): Vera Molnar
Date Created: 2017
Edition Info: 3/12
Unframed Dimensions: 19.75 x 25.5 in.
Inventory ID: Molnar-2017-02a, b, c


signed, titled, dated, and numbered 3/12 in ink on the reverse of “Rien”
titled and numbered 3/12 in ink on the reverse of “Peu” and “Plus”

“In Vera Molnar’s work, the motif of the Montagne Saint-Victoire holds a singular place as exemplified by many of her drawings, works and editions. Of course we think of her tribute to Cezanne and his capacity to reveal the asymmetry of this rocky eruption through plastic means. But with Vera Molnar, the Montagne Saint-Victoire is also a principle, or more precisely, the natural fortunate embodiment of a disorder she keeps trying to rationalize. This rationalization especially takes up the form of the bell curve, a system of representation of the complexity that Vera Molnar uses, appropriates and updates. If the Montagne Sainte-Victoire is the natural embodiment of this curve, its full beauty had to be demonstrated. Such was the artist’s intention with this triptych.

Three panels for three states. With dots drawing up the silhouette of the mountain. The first panel introduces us to a disembodied vision, whereas the second shows us some arbitrary outlines, and the third one puts an end to the process by exposing the physiognomy of the mountain. The use of wool as a sensual reference to the lines of a drawing makes up for the pragmatic rigor of the dots. Faced with this impressive subject, Vera Molnar creates an exemplary work in which she turns a famous motif into a model combining rigorous protocol and beautiful drawing.”
– Bernard Chauveau / 8+4 Gallery


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