1% Disorder

Basic Information

Title: 1% Disorder
Artist(s): Vera Molnar
Date Created: 1980
Unframed Dimensions: 6.75 x 6.75 in.
Inventory ID: Molnar-1980-01


an artist book comprised of 25 offset lithographic pages containing 1 cover page, 1 index page, 1 justification statement page, 20 image pages, and 2 pages of Ancient Greek historical references.

Published by Wedgepress & Cheese
Layout and production by Leif Eriksson
Printed by TRYCKMA, Malmo, Sweden in 1980
Edition: 500 unsigned and unnumbered

text from the justification statement page:
“An image is a limited portion of a surface, containing a number of plastic events – lines, shapes, colors – arranged according to an order that varies from total disorder to perfect order. Throughout years of research, assisted by computer, I have come to vary this disorder with a single image, and I have found that, for my personal taste, the more I diminish the disorder, the more the plastic beauty of the image increases. However, a small amount of disorder is necessary. One percent for example. Like in this book. Here are twenty un-numbered images. You must decide the sequence. You have the possibility to turn or reverse each one of them in four different ways. With these twenty images, you can form 2,675,004,047,229,796,708,138,352,640,000 series of images, each one different. Try it. Then you will see the unbelievable richness of any plastic creation that seeks to be systematic.”


Detail images of the work

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signed and dated lower right in graphite titled and dated on the outer protective sheet “Fait Avec Students de Paris I” (Made with the students at Paris I) written on the outer protective sheet in red ink This work was made at The Sorbonne, University of Paris, where the artist taught in the 1980’s.