Gente (People)

artist’s name, title, date, and other descriptive information about the work is printed below the image signed and “Happy New Year 73” written in ink right margin of the paper   Gente is a digital alteration of a photograph documenting a protest in Praca da Se, a public square in Sao Paulo. After pulling the […]

Oscillon No. 1167

titled, numbered, and dated on the back of the paper artist name, titled, date, medium, and location that the print was made printed on the artist’s label on the back of the frame  

Will It Ever Work

iPad drawing printed on paper. Signed, dated, and numbers in pencil lower left recto by artist. Hockney’s genius combined with his exploration of digital art (thanks to his iPhone and iPad) immeasurably increased the acceptance of this major and seismic tool and medium in art history. It is important to remember, however, that a few […]

Nested Swallows Version I

Pen, Ink & Brush with Gold Leaf enhancement, 30” by 42” Shown at SIGGRAPH in 1997 this work was part of my “Struggle” series that was first shown at Artec’95 in Nagoya Japan. The characters are non-rational strokes generated with coordinates that control the key stroke (brush stroke and also shown illuminated with gold leaf […]

Markovketten 29 (Markov Chains)

signed and titled lower left print no. 29 of 40 from a series of unique works created from the program Walk through Raster II, originally created in 1966 by Nake and revamped in 2004. Since the Etzold Collection contains a bundle of early computer art from the 1960s and 1970s, the request for loans for […]

Legend III

signed lower left on the front signed, titled, and dated on the artist’s certificate of authenticity attached to the back of the frame The series Legend includes the computer generated images processed by a variation of the ray tracing algorithm. Un-normalized shading system provided rather complicated features of the surfaces of hyperbolic paraboloid in the […]

Panel of Human Figures

from the Cybernetic Serendipity portfolio containing a colophon page and seven lithographs all after original unique computer-generated plotter drawings in a custom made box printed and published by Motif Editions, London in 1968 artist name, title, date, associated company/location, and publishing information printed along the lower left edge of the paper the artist was associated […]

Electronic Abstraction 27

signed lower right titled lower left Ben Laposky produced his Oscillons on an analogue cathode-ray oscilloscope. He then manipulated the electronic wave forms (Lissajous-figures) displayed on the screen and then photographed the results. He thus created some of the first graphics generated using an electronic machine and helped pave the way for the truly digital […]