signed and dated lower right below the image “plotter sketch deomnostrating setup routines, Houston Instruments DMP52, 14pen multiple pen, IBMPC, DOS, windowing and pathway drawing routine, early 1987, Minneapolis, For Anne & Michael Spalter written by the artist along the bottom edge of the paper” hardware: IBM PC software: Disk Operating System plotter: Houston Instruments […]

Cyberflower, Version 7, Number 7

signed, titled, and dated lower right   The black text-like glyphs in this work are non-rational forms. The algorithm driving this series generates its curvilinear procedures from a single set of coordinates. Algorithmic improvisations based on a single set of coordinates introduce a self similarity that permeates the form on several levels.These procedures continue to […]

Poster for Art & Algorithm * Mind & Science 1991 Exhibition

signed and dated lower right Each poster was plotted as an original “one-of-a-kind” in a family of forms. Note that the text is also drawn with pen & ink. My code includes spacing, sizing, and some special graphic features for drawing the letters into my work. I have yet to exploit this feature more fully […]