Basic Information

Title: Sketch
Artist(s): Roman Verostko
Date Created: 1987
Framed Dimensions: 24.75 x 31 x 0.8 in.

Inventory ID: 1987-1-2


Algorithmic pen plotter sketch. This is an example of a sketch demonstrating an algorithmic operation. In this instance it proofs pen changes, position decisions and form generator qualities for the pathway series.

Prototypes for this sketch in the “Magic Hand of Chance” relate to Roman’s interest in creating some form of “computer automatism”. As a painter, in the 1960’s, he had created hundreds of “automatic” drawings” that often combined spontaneous “markings” and brush strokes . While “chance” played a big role it was always balanced with the deep rational side of his work. This early code drew on both the random and the ordered procedures he followed as a painter in the 1960’s.


Detail images of the work

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