Cyberflower Red, VII, 7

Basic Information

Title: Cyberflower Red, VII, 7
Artist(s): Roman Verostko
Date Created: 2003
Framed Dimensions: 34.75 x 28.575 x 0.87 in.


The black text-like glyphs in this work are non-rational forms.

The algorithm driving this series generates its curvilinear procedures from a single set of coordinates. Algorithmic improvisations based on a single set of coordinates introduce a self similarity that permeates the form on several levels.These procedures continue to be important form-generating techniques in the “Pearl Park Scriptures” and the “Rocktown Scrolls”.

Notes: Some years ago an artist colleague entered Verostko’s studio and saw his algorithmic pen plots for the first time. Spontaneously and with some gusto, he exclaimed “Computer flowers!”. Since then the algorists of the late 20th Century have been generating a cyber landscape with many faces . Verostko believes we have seen only the tip of a huge continent of unbelievable dimension, a marvelous world of form to be explored and enjoyed in the 21st Century.


Detail images of the work

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