Tango 74

signed and numbered 139 on the justification page in graphite printed in an edition of 200 hand signed and numbered copies published by Angers Editions Présence de l’Art Contemporain, Angers, France printed by Setig Jacques Palussière, Angers, France.

Out of Square

one copy is signed on the justification page in graphite and numbered 35 on the justification page in ink one copy is unsigned and unnumbered 51-400 This visual novel was published on the occasion of the exhibition “Vera Molnar: Ordres et (Des) Ordres” at the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, Ludwigshafen, Germany on the Rhine River. The exhibition took […]

Tranformations, Étanche (Waterproof)

a selection of 10 laser prints from a series of 21 original plotter drawings by the same title created in 1976, with a title page, colophon page, and an end piece page each image is housed in a plastic laminate sleeve and bound by 2 large metal rings “Étanche” (Waterproof) is printed on a red […]

Six Millions Spet Cent Soixante-Cinq Mille Teux Cent Une Sainte-Victoire (Six Million, plus one hundred and sixty-five thousand, two hundred and one Sainte-Victoire)

an artist book printed in March 2012, edited by Bernard Chauveau, with an interview of the artist by David Quéré. 250 copies were printed including: 25 copies reserved for the artist and were signed and numbered from I to XXV 5 hors commerce copies reserved for collaborators and were signed and lettered from A to […]

Lettre de ma mère

Computer Drawing  in roll composed of a series of 10 drawings Original and unique print signed and dated by the artist. — Vera Molnar first started to use computers in 1968. This screen print was created from two plotter drawings that simulate the handwriting of Molnar’s elderly mother as she became increasingly unwell. In a […]

Ni Queue ni Tête (Neither Tail nor Head)

A collaborative project bringing together a visual work by Vera Molnar, a composition with text by Jean-Yves Bosseur, and performance by Pascal Dubreuil. Edited and published by Couleurs Contemporaines and Bernard Chauveau. The work is housed in a custom-made portfolio box containing a folded work by Vera Molnar over six meters long that is printed […]

Collier Au dé (Dice Necklace)

signature and numbered H.C. 1/3 engraved on the reverse “From a square formed by six regular rectangles, the artist has explored all the possibilities silver offers to play with light on its surface: by being either polished, brushed, sanded, matt, etc. The order in the presentation of these different surfaces was then determined by throwing […]