Sophia Brueckner

Basic Info

Name: Sophia Brueckner
Country of Origin: US


Sophia Brueckner is a futurist artist, designer and engineer. The goal of her work is “to meaningfully combine her background in design and engineering with the perspective of an artist to inspire a more positive future” (Bio).

Brueckner received her Sc.B. in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at Brown University, her MFA in Digital + Media at RISD, and her M.S. at MIT in the Fluid Interfaces group, where her research focused on the tension between the ways technology’s use fluctuates between empowerment and control, through programming, algorithms, social networks, and UX design. She also worked as a software engineer at Google, implementing products and assisting with experimental projects within Google Research.

Brueckner has taught Sci-Fi Prototyping, a class combining sci-fi, design and ethics, at MIT, Brown, and RISD, among other institutions. The class and student projects received international recognition and were featured by The AtlanticSmithsonian MagazineNPRScientific American, and many others.

Brueckner is the founder and creative director of Tomorrownaut, a creative studio focusing on speculative futures and sci-fi-inspired prototypes. Her work has been featured by numerous galleries, institutions and organizations, including TEDx, the Peabody Essex Museum, SIGGRAPH, and Artforum. She is currently an assistant professor at University of Michigan’s Stamps School of Art and Design and School of Information where she teaches sci-fi prototyping, digital fabrication, creative programming, and design.

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Eye of the Beholder

excerpt from the artist’s website regarding this work: “I took a wall texture from the 1991 DOS RPG game, Eye of the Beholder II: Legend of Darkmoon, and I used a script to map its pixel values to depth resulting in a 3D object. I milled the form from wood on a CNC milling machine, […]