Semantic Carpet #3

Basic Information

Title: Semantic Carpet #3
Artist(s): Patrick Lichty
Date Created: 2022
Unframed Dimensions: 83 x 60 in.
Inventory ID: Lichty-2022-01


signed and dated lower left within the weaving

excerpt by the artist from PlayForm AI about this work:
“I have lived in Arabia and West Asia for many years, and I had wondered how using machine learning related to my life as a digital artist. In that much of my family is Persian, I thought about the rug, with its grid of knots as early digital art. The first digital fabrication method was the Jacquard Loom, which was invented in 1803 and used digital punchcards (the descendants of which would be used in IBM mainframes), which made me identify with the idea of Machine Learning and carpet designs. I then fed iconic patterns of many Persian rugs into the Playform engine (from photos from Iran), and was amazed at how different areas’ patterns mixed (Isfahan with Tehran) and so on. Semantic (as in “having meaning”) represents a part of my life as represented in terms of machine learning. Earlier weavings based on this model are in the Boca Raton Museum, the Spalter Collection, and will be in the Versotko Center for the Arts.”


Detail images of the work

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