The Manchester Illuminated Universal Turing Machine, Version 18

signed and dated lower middle titled lower left gold leaf done by hand   The text is a Universal Turing Machine in expanded binary. See documentation at: See also a UTM as a Self Portrait: Roman’s homage to Alan Turing is the 3rd in a series of works that pay homage to those […]

Psyche (from the Gaia Series)

signed and dated lower right artist’s and artist’s wife seals stamped in red ink lower left and upper right This piece contains a gold leaf triangle and both Roman’s name seal and his wife, Alice’s. Alice’s name seal was “Wei Ai Li” or “the most beautiful one”. The Gaia images are named after “Mother Earth”. This […]

West – East II

signed and dated lower right titled lower left gold leaf enhancement by hand Linear fields address the attraction and repulsion of opposites – their similarity and their difference are presented simultaneously as “West-East” or “Heaven and Earth”. The form fields simultaneously join and separate. creating a formal dynamic tension The algorithms for this series date […]

Diamond Lake Apocalypse

signed and dated lower right in graphite artist’s label adhered to the back of the frame Text is non rational algorithmic sequence. Intention is to present 20th Century algorithmic art, based on the Universal Turing Machine canon in a medieval illuminated manuscript format as a celebration of our 20th Century authoritative texts (like scripture of […]