ArcLink 2

Basic Information

Title: ArcLink 2
Artist(s): Auro Lecci
Date Created: 1972
Framed Dimensions: 12.75 x 36.5 in.
Unframed Dimensions: 9 x 11 in.
Inventory ID: Lecci-1972-01a,b


six silver gelatin photographs after original computer-generated images in artist’s custom made frames

signed and dated 1970-1972 lower right corner of the bottom panel in graphite
artist’s name, title, and date printed on the reverse of both frames

hardware: CDC3600 computer
software: Arclink

The original program was based on a context-free grammar that connected a number of points. on a pre-defined raster, with arcs of different sizes. Arclink is a syntax for the manipulation of geometrically defined elements. The resulting images are shown with the code that directly produces them.

This is the only artwork that was conceived and made while the artist was studying at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 1970-1972


Detail images of the work

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