William J. Kolomyjec

Basic Info

Name: William J. Kolomyjec
Country of Origin: US


Kolomyjec was one of the first computer artists who, through his work, firmly related to and studied the pioneers of computer art. He studied at the Michigan State University in East Lansing Michigan and, as one of the first, graduated in the subject of “Computer Art”.

He ascribed to Computer Art a role that would shape society, which would span the chasm between art and culture on the one hand and science and technology on the other. He foresaw the computer as the ultimate creative tool for the artist-technician-scientist.


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Struggle Between Good and Evil

signed and dated lower right in graphite titled lower left in graphite hardware: CDC6500 mainframe computer software: FORTRAN output machine: offline CALCOMP 963 drum plotter created at Michigan State University during the artist’s MFA/Ph.D studies “M.C. Escher demonstrated this algorithm by employing traditional media and interlocking figures in his “square limit” graphic works. I don’t […]