Spalter Digital Collection Library

Basic Info

Name: Spalter Digital Collection Library
Country of Origin: US


The purpose of the Spalter Digital Collection Library is to catalogue the expansive variety of historical materials that relate to the work in the collection. The library includes rare artifacts, ephemera, books, articles, catalogues, publications, exhibition announcements, news paper clippings, magazines, etc.

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A Selection of Winning Entries from the 1968 Computer Art Contest

an ephemera folder containing two offset lithograph reproductions of original unique computer-generated plotter drawings from the 1968 Computer Art Contest Kerry Strand, Larry Jenkins & Gary Craigmile Plexus offset lithograph on paper image and paper: 16 x 12″ 1968 output machine: CalComp Plotter published by COMPRO, Cherry Hill, NJ text on the reverse of the […]

Symbolic Self-Portrait with “Equals”

an offset lithograph created after an original drawing unsigned accompanied by a certificate of provenance original drawing date: 1969 lithograph date: 1971 edition size: 2,512 printer: supervised by Ricard Davison at Colorcraft Lithographers, New York publisher: Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles on the occasion of the group exhibition Art and Technology, May […]