Jean-François Colonna

Basic Info

Name: Jean-François Colonna
Country of Origin: FR


Jean-François Colonna is a researcher at the Center for Applied Mathematics (CMAP) at École Polytechnique and is the director of Lactame, the Audio-Visual laboratory at École Polytechnique.

For many, many years, he has been interested in what is called scientific visualization. The images obtained by viewing the results of numerical experiments will make it possible to present the results, no longer as a series of figures, but in a global way, in the form of curves or tasks.

Information provided by artist:
-Born on 09/14/1947 in Paris (France).
-Telecommunication Chief Engineer.
-PHD in Computer Science.
-Today : reseacher in Applied Mathematics, Scientific Visualization and Software Engineering at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris (France).
-Author of numerous scientific and popularization papers.
-Author of a few books and in particular :

-Participation in numerous artistic exhibitions :

-My WWW site with more than 9000 pictures and animations :

-The whole picture and animation set in chronological order :

2-Portraits and Self-Portraits :

3-All my pictures are computed on Linux PCs and EVERYTHING is “home made” : the programming language,
the mathematical and visualization librairies, the programs,… Today, more than 2.100.000 code lines.
All this is described (in french) on these pages :

and the following page :

describes the “historical trajectory” and the making of the black and white Tektronix hard-copies
I gave you a few months ago…

4-Here are a few WWW pages of my site (written in english) that can be useful in order
to understand my work and how I do it :

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