Alfred GraßI

Basic Info

Name: Alfred GraßI
Date of Birth: July 9, 1941
Country of Origin: AT


Alfred Graßl is a scientist and technologist mainly known for being a founding member of the Ars Intermedia group.

Graßl studied Information Technology at the Technical University of Vienna, and then became assistant professor there in 1966. That year also marked the founding of Ars Intermedia, with Otto Beckmann, an experimental working group with the goal of exploring contemporary computer technology for artistic dimensions. The other founding members were Oskar Beckmann, Gerd Koepf, and Gerhard Schedl. During his time as part of Ars Intermedia, Graßl produced oscillographic images with Otto Beckmann which were lauded for their aesthetic value.

After he left the group, which eventually disbanded in 1980, Graßl worked as a project manager on data-processing projects for the Vienna public transportation authority, as well as for the Austrian Federal Railways.

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