Elman Mansimov

Basic Info

Name: Elman Mansimov
Country of Origin: AZ


Biography and profile picture courtesy of the artist’s website:

“Elman Mansimov is a Senior Applied Scientist at Amazon Web Services in New York City. He is currently working on foundation models at Amazon Bedrock. Ultimately, he aspires to make progress in natural language processing and deep learning, leading to substancial benefits for customers.

Previously, he finished his Ph.D. at New York University where he was supervised by Kyunghyun Cho. His thesis focused on iterative refinement as a general approach for structured prediction with applications to machine translation and molecule generation.

Earlier, he did an undergraduate degree in Computer Science at University of Toronto supervised by Ruslan Salakhutdinov. During that time, he worked on unsupervised learning from videos and developed the first text-to-image generative model.”

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