Anton Zöttl

Basic Info

Name: Anton Zöttl
Country of Origin: DE


Anton Zöttl studied electrical engineering at the Technische Universität München, Munich. From 1957 theoretical work in radar technology, especially in information processing in complex radar systems. From 1970 production of computer graphics using a Siemens computer and CalComp plotter. He lives in Munich, DE.


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Computergrafik – Strukturdesign (Computer Graphics – Structural Design) Portfolio

a portfolio of various media created after original unique plotter drawings each work is numbered in print lower left on the reverse plotter drawings were programed and drawn between 1968-1970 using: hardware: Siemens-System 4004 software: ALGOL output machine: ZUSE-Graphomat Z64 plotter print information: 1(a). Neese/Rase Kubo-Oktaeder (Cuboctahedron) serigraph on paper 2(b). Zottl Schwarm (Swarm) computer-generated […]