Six Millions Spet Cent Soixante-Cinq Mille Teux Cent Une Sainte-Victoire (Six Million, plus one hundred and sixty-five thousand, two hundred and one Sainte-Victoire)

an artist book printed in March 2012, edited by Bernard Chauveau, with an interview of the artist by David Quéré. 250 copies were printed including: 25 copies reserved for the artist and were signed and numbered from I to XXV 5 hors commerce copies reserved for collaborators and were signed and lettered from A to […]

Ni Queue ni Tête (Neither Tail nor Head)

A collaborative project bringing together a visual work by Vera Molnar, a composition with text by Jean-Yves Bosseur, and performance by Pascal Dubreuil. Edited and published by Couleurs Contemporaines and Bernard Chauveau. The work is housed in a custom-made portfolio box containing a folded work by Vera Molnar over six meters long that is printed […]

Collier Au dé (Dice Necklace)

signature and numbered H.C. 1/3 engraved on the reverse “From a square formed by six regular rectangles, the artist has explored all the possibilities silver offers to play with light on its surface: by being either polished, brushed, sanded, matt, etc. The order in the presentation of these different surfaces was then determined by throwing […]