Goethe Autrement A Homage to Goethe (Goethe Otherwise)

signed, dated, and numbered 2/8 within the marble on the bottom of the cube signed, titled, dated, and numbered 2/8 on accompanying certificate of authenticity cube size: 7.75 x 7.75″ sphere size: 7.75 x 7.75″ “Goethe otherwise is an exceptional creation of the artist inspired by a sculpture installed in the garden of Goethe’s summer […]


signed, titled, and dated on the reverse in graphite image conceived: 1970 drawing on canvas: 1990 “Mohr’s work is an important bridge between handmade manipulations and machine-calculated structures in art. Following a series of geometric experiments, a shift toward hard-edge painting by 1967 immediately preceded Mohr’s use of the computer as a tool for art. […]


“The P-2400 series is based on the 1978 algorithm from the work phase Dimensions I. The first version of this alogrithm did not include the possibility of rotating the four-dimensional hypercube. In 2017, Mohr pursued this original code and directed the algorithm into a different visual solution. Again, the basic 32 lines which constitute the […]