Contained Contours: Red

signed and dated lower left artist’s name, title, medium, and measurements written on artist’s label attached to the back of the frame hardware: Honeywell 635 digital computer software: Fortran IV (2) plotter: University Computing Company Draft-O-Matic  


signed and dated lower right below the image “plotter sketch deomnostrating setup routines, Houston Instruments DMP52, 14pen multiple pen, IBMPC, DOS, windowing and pathway drawing routine, early 1987, Minneapolis, For Anne & Michael Spalter written by the artist along the bottom edge of the paper” hardware: IBM PC software: Disk Operating System plotter: Houston Instruments […]

Pearl Park Scriptures, Galileo

signed and dated lower right Verostko developed his own software to create this work. The glyphs on the right of this image were created using a computer code that attributed a glyph, or written symbol, to each letter of the alphabet. Text: “Philosophy is written in this grand book — I mean the universe — […]