Untitled (Diamond Variation)

signed and dated on the back of the paper a computer generated design, which was transferred onto paper and hand painted by the artist software: custom made “Stretching” software coded using FORTRAN written by Jay A. Leavitt “The “stretching” program from which all the art in the exhibition was derived was my idea. When I […]

Simulated Color Mosaic

serigraph after a computer generated image hardware: IBM 360/75 software: Fortran IV signed lower right numbered E.A. (épreuve d’artiste, or artist’s proof) lower left

The Manchester Illuminated Universal Turing Machine, Version 18

signed and dated lower middle titled lower left gold leaf done by hand   The text is a Universal Turing Machine in expanded binary. See documentation at: http://www.verostko.com/manchester/manchester.html See also a UTM as a Self Portrait: http://www.verostko.com/u.html Roman’s homage to Alan Turing is the 3rd in a series of works that pay homage to those […]

Pathway Series

signed and dated lower right   This is one of Roman’s treasured Pathway Series that have painterly qualities with “all-over” distributions of pen strokes. These works relate to Roman’s early interest in creating a form of computer automatism. However he never followed “automatism” to its logical conclusion. These works reveal coded arrangement of distributions and […]

Cyberflower, Version 7, Number 7

signed, titled, and dated lower right   The black text-like glyphs in this work are non-rational forms. The algorithm driving this series generates its curvilinear procedures from a single set of coordinates. Algorithmic improvisations based on a single set of coordinates introduce a self similarity that permeates the form on several levels.These procedures continue to […]

Untitled (Elle Passe (She Passes)

signed and dated lower right   “This must have been made shortly after I returned from Paris in 1963. My father’s death brought me home for the family funeral and I believe the Archabbot officiated and I would have been the Deacon. This was a very difficult time as the Monastery had suffered a fire, […]

Poster for Art & Algorithm * Mind & Science 1991 Exhibition

signed and dated lower right Each poster was plotted as an original “one-of-a-kind” in a family of forms. Note that the text is also drawn with pen & ink. My code includes spacing, sizing, and some special graphic features for drawing the letters into my work. I have yet to exploit this feature more fully […]