Basic Information

Title: Viewshed
Artist(s): Claire Corey
Date Created: 2009
Unframed Dimensions: 24 x 32 in.
Inventory ID: Corey-2009-01


signed, dated, and copyrighted on the reverse in blue felt tip marker

excerpt from the artist’s website regarding this work:
“Expanding Digital Work: 2005–2012
After a decade of working digitally, I began to experiment with introducing into the final work elements that could not be printed, creating a planal change within the paintings. I started by adding a gloss varnish, creating a “pop” from the rest of the printed matte field of the canvas, and later started adding pearlescent paint. In 2008, I did numerous drawings and paintings inspired by photographs of nature which I had taken, or found online, scanned these images and incorporated them into my digital compositions, moving them into and out of the digital image, creating cut-and-pasted digital collages. I loved how difficult it became to detect which part of the work was created in the computer and which part was painted, or drawn and scanned. These works became very binary, using both digital and traditional materials, and both abstraction and representation appeared in the compositions.”


Detail images of the work

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