The Sun Bather

Basic Information

Title: The Sun Bather
Artist(s): Paul H. Sobel
Unframed Dimensions: 6.5 x 10.25 in.
Inventory ID: Sobel-0000-01


titled lower left in graphite

date unknown: circa 1960’s

hardware: IBM 7094 computer and Dell SC 4020 hard drive
software: FORTRAN

Using a FORTRAN program on an IBM 7094, a tape was generated for off-line use on an SC 4020, which made the plot. The plotting subroutine interpreted a matrix as the dependent height variable. An angle of 40 degrees was specified, and hidden lines were tested for and removed. The figure is generated by sums of Gaussian functions.

“I created this while working at JPL (NASA) based on a technique needed to model hills and mountains on Mars for the robotic vehicles planned to be launched to explore planetary and moon surfaces. There was a computer art contest and it was suggested that I submit an entry, which I did called “The Sun Bather”
– PS 2020.0317


Detail images of the work

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