Sculpture of the 20th Century Artist Book

Basic Information

Title: Sculpture of the 20th Century Artist Book
Artist(s): Nicolas Schöffer
Date Created: 1963
Edition Info: 142/150
Unframed Dimensions: 12 x 9.5 in.
Inventory ID: Schoffer-1963-01


An artist’s book containing:
150 pages of images and text
150 sculpture reliefs made of Plexiglas, depicting different variants – The reliefs are the first examples of a new way of multiform reproduction of works of art.
150 serigraphs created after an original work from 1947, signed, dated, and numbered by the artist
1 7″ vinyl record titled “Spatiodynamics” with music by Pierre Henry, produced by La Diffusion Magnetique Sonore.

The relief sculptures and serigraphs were specially produced for the French, English and German editions of this book.
The German edition contains 30 copies, numbered 121-150
This book is number 142

Publisher: Editions du Griffon, Neuchatel
Editor: Marcel Joray
Introduction: Jean Cassou with contributions from Guy Habasque and D’ Jaques Menetrier
Translations: Hans G. Schurmann
Printing: Paul Attinger S. A., Neuchatel, Switzerland
Text: Seiner & Co, Basel, Switzerland
Designers: Albert Plecy and Jan Abegg, Esthétiques Nouvelles
Binding: Roger Veihl, Geneva, Switzerland

Text from the “Spatiodynamics” vinyl record label:
“Based on the recordings and improvisations made by Pierre Henry in 1954 in Nicolas Schoffer’s studio based on his sculptures. This music was intended for the cybernetic sound system of the Spatiodynamic Tower of Saint-Cloud.”


Detail images of the work

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