Oscillon #1001 (Negative)

Basic Information

Title: Oscillon #1001 (Negative)
Artist(s): Ben Laposky
Date Created: 1959
Unframed Dimensions: 4.5 x 4 in.


Negative duplicate.

” The color photos of the Oscillons were mostly made originally on Aero Ektachrome film, both 35mm and 4×5. This was used because it had good color density and contrast – also because it was less costly as surplus for some years. Exposures vary from 1/20 at f1.2 to f2, closeup at about 15 inches from scope screen. Cameras used were a Praktica and a Nikon. For the 4×5 work I used a B&J press with a German war surplus aerial lens, an f2 tessar if 120mmf.1. Most of the 35mm images were in motion in some or all of the traces (besides the electron beam motion itself). The 4×5 traces were taken at about 1/2 second, also at f2, and usually were static, the trace motion stopped by sync circuits in the oscilloscope. The black and white photos were made mostly on Linagraph film, a special high contrast film by Kodak for oscillograph photography. Some 4×5 work was done on Royal Pan and other fast films.”

—Arts Magazine, “Ben F. Laposky: A Midwestern Pioneer of Absolute Light Form” June 1980


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