Legend XI

Basic Information

Title: Legend XI
Artist(s): Yoshiyuki Abe
Date Created: 1994
Framed Dimensions: 21.5 x 17 x 0.95 in.


“For artists who want to create mathematical art through algorithm-driven parameter control, the essential element for success is artistic serendipity. This is the interesting fact of art in the perfect mathematical space.” – Yoshiyuki Abe, artist statement on Geometrica series


Yoshiyuki Abe is a protegee of Hiroshi Kawano, founder of the Japanese Computer Technique Group. A true artist, he surmounted incalculable challenges and had to build his own computer and code to create his seductive and powerful works as he and other ordinary citizens didn’t have access to a computer at the time in his native Japan. Yoshiyuki has shown his work throughout the world.

Created in 1994 as part of the Legend Series.


Detail images of the work

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