In Case Of

Basic Information

Title: In Case Of
Artist(s): Leslie Roberts
Date Created: 2016
Framed Dimensions: 18.5 x 14.5 in.
Unframed Dimensions: 16 x 12 in.
Inventory ID: Roberts-2016-03


titled above the image upper left

titled on the back of the panel


Handwritten text: Found words and phrases preceded by “in case of,” listed alphabetically.


accident, allergic reaction, avalanche, bad weather, bee sting, bankruptcy, bad news, choking,

concussion, copyright infringement, divorce, death, damage or loss, doubt, emergency, Ebola,

epileptic seizure, electric shock, forgotten password, food poisoning, fire, fiscal collapse, failure

message, heart attack, high fever, high blood pressure, hit and run, injury, identity theft,

ingestion, incorrect use, keyboard failure, loss, love at first sight, liquidation, moon disaster,

malfunction, medical emergency, mental fragility, noncompliance, natural disaster, national

holiday, oversupply, overbooking, overdose, ongoing uncertainty, personal injury, pollen

allergy, questionable ethics, queries, rain, respiratory failure, recurrence of symptoms, seizure,

sudden death, trouble, tornado warning, unforeseen circumstances, unexpected cancellation,

under-enrollment, vehicle accident, vampire attack, work stoppage, world war, X-linked

dominant inheritance, yellow fever, zinc deficiency


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