Querelle Du Sable Et De La Terre (Au-delà D’un Certain Point)

Basic Information

Title: Querelle Du Sable Et De La Terre (Au-delà D’un Certain Point)
Artist(s): Jean Pierre Hébert
Date Created: 2003
Framed Dimensions: 59.75 x 42.75 in.
Unframed Dimensions: 54 x 37 in.


Ink on Torinoko paper
Pen plotter drawing, 2 layers (sepia, ochre), each layer a single line

This drawing shows one of the many “happy accidents” that can happen when undertaking the challenge of a drawing of this size, complexity, density, with two layers, on a pen plotter.

The process of rendering such a large, dense drawing on a pen plotter is slow, long and creates a huge stress on the paper itself. In this particular case, the edges of the paper became distressed and distorted from the pressure applied by the wheels of the plotter, and it started tearing. As the second layer (ochre) was being drawn, the sheet, not being held firmly in place anymore, moved gradually.

Hence the shift (décalage) between the 2 layers and its unexpected result.

“Au-delà d’un certain point” (past a certain point)… when pushed to the limits…. or…. when chance plays its part!


Detail images of the work

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