Visions of Hildegarde

Basic Information

Title: Visions of Hildegarde
Artist(s): Roman Verostko
Date Created: 2000


description from direct communication with the artist:
“The coded procedures for these improvisations dates from about 1990.

Notes on arrays of form: The pen plotted “Visions of Hildegarde” invite meditation through arrays of improvisation. Each vision, one more improvisation in the seemingly countless array of possibles, points to the manner in which the limits of the drawing procedure, like life, are unknowable. Each improvisation emerges from a sequence of random decisions within a set of controlling parameters established by the artist’s code. The procedure is appropriate for celebrating a medieval mystical
theologian. Hildegarde’s visions embodied her response to the mystery of our cosmos as perceived in her day. Research
with coded procedures today, whether with the human genome or with intelligent machines, embodies the cutting edge of our own confrontation with the mystery of cosmos.

Hildegarde of Bingen (1098-1179), a medieval theologian and mystic organized her major prophetic work, Scivias, around 26 visions divided in three parts (6,7,13). Her work includes hymns composed with chant notation that appeal to the human spirit and the search for spiritual fulfillment.”


Detail images of the work

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